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As a representative of CP Kelco: A Huber Company, the renowed Danishmanufacturer of food industries for decades.
We are the dominant supplier in the industries providing high quality and innovative food additives mainly including GENU Pectin, GENU Carrageenan and Kelco Gel (Gellan Gum).

GENU Pectin Applications

      - Bakery fillings
      - Jams, jellies and spread
      - Yoghurts, beverages and acidified milk drinks
      - Etc.

Genu Carrageenan Applications
      - Flavored milk, chocolate milk
      - Dessert gels and puddings
      - Syrup and toppings
      - Margarines, low-fat spreads
      - Etc.

Kelco Gel Applications
      - Neutral milk and soy beverages
      - Neutral pH dairy beverages with or without sugar
      - Acidified protein beverages for milk and soy
      - Etc.
As an authorized distributor of National Starch & Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.,we have served both international and domestic food markets with highly-developed Modified Starch functioning as food innovation to improve the production process and finished products.

Modified Starch Applications
- Meat processing - Snacks, cereals, potato chips
- Soups, sauces, instant foods - Nutrition
- Baked products - Salad dressings
- Beverages - Dairy products
- Etc.  

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